What Can I Expect?

Your New Patient Visit

Bradenton Chiropractor Daniel Serpentelli III

Bradenton Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Serpentelli  will listen intently as you discuss your condition with him. You will discuss certain aspects of your health and specifics of your condition and any other issues associated with it.  He will then very thoroughly and carefully evaluate and examine you and, If necessary, perform whatever x-ray images required to fully view the area of complaint. 

Our office is equipped with the latest in low exposure  computerized digital x-ray imaging.  Following this, we will generally perform some sort of immediate pain reduction therapy to provide some temporary relief.  We may  also recommend some natural pain relief supplements or topical  analgespreparations to further provide temporary relief.  We will then schedule a follow up visit as soon as possible so that Dr. Serpentelli may review your examination and x-ray images and provide you with a full and complete report of your condition as well as all treatment options

The Second Visit

Integrated Physical Medicine Bradenton

When you return for your follow up visit, Dr Serpentelli will discuss his findings and you will receive a complete and detailed written treatment plan and printed copies of your x-rays , if taken, with  written notes on any pertinent findings. You will be provided a specific written custom tailored treatment plan with numerous treatment options that you may select from. You may make a  informed choice of whatever treatment plan works for you. We do not pressure anyone into any treatment that they are not comfortable with nor will we perform any treatment without your complete permission and agreement.   We provide very gentle techniques that include both hands on and instrument-based adjustment procedures.

Subsequent Visits

At each of your following treatments, we will discuss how you are progressing and any concerns that you might have. Generally, you will receive your chiropractic adjustment and any additional therapies appropriate to speed your progress and  help relieve any symptoms you may be experiencing. When and if appropriate, your treatment will be modified to ensure continued and consistent progress. We understand your time is valuable and we make every attempt to have you in and out of our office properly and efficiently

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