What Can I Expect?

IPMThe First Visit

You will sit down with Dr. Serpentelli to discuss your problems one-on-one. We will give you an extremely thorough evaluation to understand what is causing your issues. It is important to us that your pain relief starts immediately and we will offer you a form of soothing treatment.

The Second Visit

When you return, you will receive a detailed report of Dr. Serpentelli’s findings. He will go over your examination, health history and X-rays if taken. A specific, custom-tailored treatment plan will be recommended to you with numerous options you can select from. You can make the choice of what is best for you.

Gentle techniques are used that include both hands-on and instrument-based adjustments.

Moving Forward

At each of your following appointments, we will discuss how you are progressing and any concerns that you might have. You will receive chiropractic care and any additional therapies as appropriate. We understand your time is valuable and make sure you move in and out of the office promptly and efficiently.

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