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Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue

foot-massage-sq-300During a deeper tissue massage, the therapist will start superficially and gently ease into the muscles slowly using a combination of their hands, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows. This particular technique is generally used for more focused massage work, to be able to relieve pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Bringing new blood to these areas helps those that have chronic muscular pain and reduces inflammation pain that is generally caused by arthritis and tendinitis. These sessions are never just deep work. They are combined with other techniques as it can cause other issues like headaches and nausea.


Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. There are three ways in which sports massage can be useful to an athlete: pre-event, post-event, and injury treatment. Pre-event massage is done at the athletic event, usually with the athlete fully clothed. Think road races or Triathlons. Fast-paced and stimulating, it helps to establish blood flow and to warm up muscles. Post-event massage is done immediately following the event. The intent here is to calm the nervous system and begin the process of flushing toxins and waste products out of the body. Post-event massage can reduce recovery time, enabling an athlete to resume training much sooner than rest alone would allow. And third, when an athlete sustains an injury, massage therapy can often speed and improve the quality of healing with manipulation of the soft tissues and some range of motion if tolerated.

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